Making Bags for Donations

During the pandemic, I have made several tote bags following a pattern by noodlehead with variations… I’m also offering to make a grocery size bag on demand using fabrics that I have or that the buyer supplies.

Here are the current bags I offer (usually in a fundraiser, that I list in this page)… Contact me for questions!

Rainbow Unicorns Sold!

The unicorn bag differs from others in that there is no outside pocket, and the inside pocket is divided. The sides and the bottom have a canvas interior, and the handles are made with the same dark blue twill as the bottom.


This bag has two outside pockets and one inside, the bottom is made with a thick denim fabric, the inside lining is black twill.

Orange in Red

This bag has two outside pockets, both inside and outside bottom sections are made with a sturdy fabric. The lining and handles are a bright orange twill that complements the ensemble.

Pink in Blue Diamonds

I worked at a studio alongside quilters and was inspired to build these panels and combine these fabrics with the pink twill used for the lining. Two outside pockets, and one inside. The bottom has a foam layer inside.

Flower Squares

Two outside pockets, and one inside with a snap button. The lining, handles, and the bottom are black twill.

Shopping Bag

This is the bag I use every day and is the model for a custom-made bag if you request it! The lining is a natural color fabric (the vendor says it’s waterproof), the handles are a 1″ webbing. Ask for what other fabrics I have, or supply your own (I find many at Discount Fabrics in Berkeley), preferably cotton. I have been using this bag every day, it’s even been a favorite at the check-out counter!